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This must be comma separated and have no more than five IDs.
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Enter a 4-letter alphanumeric annotation to identify and retrieve your submission. May not be a PDB ID.
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2) Optional Email Notification


Choose between using PDB IDs OR using custom information about your own protein. Fill in the information fields and your inputs will be processed accordingly. If you give PBD IDs, the automatic process system will run all the tools available in our workflow. See list in the main page.

If you give your own information about a protein, the number of tools run in the workflow will depend on the given information. If you give DSSP, PDB, and FASTA files, all the tools wil be run. If you give DSSP and PDB files or FASTA file only, not all the tools will be run. The number of results in the database will be restricted though as the comparisons between tools.

Providing an email address allows us to notify you when your job has completed.